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Hey guys welcome to my site! I'm Dark Dragon and enjoy my site! On this site, you can know the basic controls, how to create a server, how to play and become pro fast and how to cheat in multiplayer  and power jumps and become pro like me.


Basic controls: moving

Moving is simple press W to move forward A to strafe left D to strafe right space to jump.

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Basic controls : hooting

To shoot press left mouse button (LMB) some weapons have telescopes press right mouse button (RMB).

Basic controls : Grapple 

Use grapple to reach areas but there must be something to hang on.

Grapple where to hang on view.

Basic controls: secondary equipment.

To get your secondary equipment press G.

Basic controls : Glasses

To use your glasses press F it can work in night vision, infra red rays and wall vision. You can change the mode by pressing V.

Tricks :

Power Jump :

To do power jump like shown in the photo use grappling hook to launch up and when you touch the ground jump and press W+(A or D) and control it by the mouse and don't hit any thing or you will be stopped.

 Magnetic Jump :

Magnetic jump is a funny trick and it is a little bit harder than the Power Jump (PJump). To do it in you have to be in a wide place like Romania and Knox (outside Knox) use grappling hook and when you touch the ground do the Power jump (Pjump) for some seconds then when you touch ground (While doing Pjump) hold control button (Ctrl) and while you are holding it hold W and keep pressing Space.

Rapid Fire Of Sniper :

You can shoot with sniper very fast (Rapid) by pressing shoot (Right click of the mouse) then press button (R) do that fast if you went slow it won't to work press left click of mouse then R and the bullets have to be 10 BULLETS in the small box that in the right side of game.

Creating your own online server

To create your own server you can name it the name you want it SERVER NAME bar and if you want a password you can make one in PASSWORD bar you can set how many people can enter your server in MAX PLAYERS bar and if you want time limit you can set it in TIME LIMIT bar.If you don't want to do that set it to zero and you can set any game type you like from Combat Training it this game mode is open for all (Anyone can kill the other) , in Capture The Flag there are 2 teams MI6 and Pheonix the the both teams must fight each other and capture the flag for example : If you get the enemy flag go to capture it to your base to take a point ! and keep doing this to get an extra points to win the game (Try to protect yourself from death). You can choose your server to be Local or Public. Public servers can be entered by anyone on the internet wh1ile Local can entered by people on your LAN if friendly fire is on your friends will be hurt by your fire if weapons stay is marked weapons will be kept in a bag after someone dies.

Cheats Mode :

to cheat you have got to have a console if you have it press the button ~ (`) and there are a page will shown type it called console and type and if you type and cheat it will not working because you have got to type sv_cheats 5 or 6 7 8 9  etc.... after type this type
cheat: noclip (you can fly and pass throw walls)  god (you healthy don't decrease anymore) notarget: (you will disappear will only work on missions) sv_gravity (any number above 4)
Note: this cheats only will work in the servers that allow cheats.Enjoy!

How to kill good

To kill good just aim and try to shoot in the head and move right and left to dodge the bullets (A and D).Enjoy !

Created by Dark DrAgoN